If you aren't connected automatically, click here. <body> <h1><font face="Verdana" size="3">Direct Marketing, address lists for B2B and B2C</font></h1> <h2><font face="Verdana" size="2">Databases and promotional lists for Business to Consumer</font></h2> <p><font face="Arial" size="2">Our <strong><a href="b2c.html">B2C mailing lists</a>&nbsp;</strong> for business to consumer marketing: lists of distance purchasers, lists of internet and postal questionnaires, demographic lists.</font></p> <h2><font face="Verdana" size="2">Databases and promotional lists for Business to Business</font></h2> <p><font face="Arial" size="2">Our <strong><a href="b2b.html">B2B mailing lists</a></strong> for business to business marketing: out BtoB data bank contains all Italian businesses selectable by number of employees, activity sector, legal status, geographic area.</font></p> <h2><font face="Verdana" size="2">Data entry: paper and electronic data conversion</font></h2> <p><font face="Arial" size="2">Our <strong><a href="data-entry.html">data entry</a></strong> services for the conversion of your paper or electronic data, address input and competitive costs.</font></p> <h2><font face="Verdana" size="2">Telephone number research: telephone number research for telemarketing</font></h2> <p><font face="Arial" size="2">Our <strong><a href="research.html">telephone number research</a></strong> services for telemarketing: automatic research and manual research in paper and electronic directories, online research with fixed field input and output.</font></p> <h2><font face="Verdana" size="2">List Management: list and direct marketing campaign management</font></h2> <p><font face="Arial" size="2">Our <strong><a href="list-management.html">list management</a></strong> and direct marketing campaign management services, promotional database outsourcing, extraction parameters, normalization and de-duplication.</font></p> <h2><font face="Verdana" size="2">Telemarketing: manage your direct marketing campaign with MLS</font></h2> <p><font face="Arial" size="2"><a href="telemarketing-campaigns.html"><strong>Telemarketing</strong></a> services are one of the specialities of MLS: we can manage your <strong>direct marketing</strong> campaign with 50 positions and dedicated software for all telemarketing requirements.</font></p> </body>